Education at Early Learning & Kinder

Early Learning & Kinder offers a nurturing learning environment to provide a platform from which your child can achieve lifelong success.

Parents play an important part in children’s learning and development, supporting children in building confidence as curious learners. Learning does not just happen in the classroom and to continue to bring learning to life in your home learning environment, Early Learning & Kinder is offering newly-enrolled families $150 for educational resources*.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Recommend Resources

Some educational resources we suggest are:

  • Quality books as a great way to spark your child’s interest in literacy and numeracy
  • Art materials such as colouring pencils, paints, paper and textas to provide opportunities for your child to express their creativity
  • Lego or Duplo blocks which help children to develop many skills such as problem solving, concentration, patience and mathematical thinking
  • Puzzles which support the development of fine motor skills, memory improvement, perseverance and independence.